Damavand Tour Package - IranAmaze

During my first Damavand tour, I met people of all ages, a teenager from high school, a 75 years old man, and an elder couple walking hand in hand. It was strange to me. Mount Damavand is located right next to Tehran. However, many of us have only heard of it in epic stories and ancient Persian mysteries. For us, it’s a symbol of resistance and strength and something from which we speak so proudly.
In our casual conversations, when we want to describe something very hard to accomplish, we say:” It’s like hiking Damavand.” For this reason, it was strange for me to see elders and younger people there. I was surprised after a day of hiking without professional gear or intense training. It was not so hard to reach the peak of the highest mountain summit in the Middle East. That was the best Iran tour I took. My heart was filled with joy, and that’s when I knew Damavand might be a legendary Persian epic, but it is one that many could conquer!