Using high level words in IELTS exam. Dr. Amir Rooholamin دکتر امیر روح الامین

Are you going to throw in high-level words? It’s important, isn’t it? It actually is, but are you all good to go? you’re going to pay the price? Sometimes it comes at the price of your fluency, I know, most IELTS teachers often insist you fit in high-level words. You sound impressive, you’re right, but if you’re not your usual-self, if you find it hard, you’re not comfortable using the word like you always do, it’s frowned upon, it hurts your fluency. Don’t do it unless you wanna make sure it leaves a bad taste in your examiner’s mouth. So if I am myself comfortable enough using the words no matter how easy they are it’s a lot better than long pauses over interesting, Impressive and mesmerizing words. I mean they do not look as mesmerizing once you keep pausing, thinking way too long over what you’re trying to say. That’s it.
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