First language words; to use or not to use? Dr. Amir Rooholamin دکتر امیر روح الامین

Hey there! I wonder if I have the go-ahead to use words from my own language, something peculiar to my own language, do I have the go ahead? Well, I suggest you stay clear of it. You are not supposed to use words from your own language. This is an English language, but what if it happens? Sky’s falling? Nope. Well, you might wanna say something for some reason. You can't come up with away, or it just pops out. Oops! my bad! now what can I do? Nothing, just paraphrase it, Explain it more. It doesn’t matter. So, for instance, using the word “Chaharshanbe s
Soori”, you can say it is an Iranian traditional festival on the eve of the last Wednesday before Nowruz. That does the job.
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